1. Paddling members must be able to swim 50 metres.
  2. Club instructors must supervise all use of club boats.
  3. Juniors and inexperienced seniors must be supervised by an experienced senior member.
  4. Follow the rules of the river; do not put other river users at risk.
  5. Lights must be operative on boats used after dusk.
  6. Assess the weather and water conditions – if unsure, take advice or do not go out.
  7. Wear suitable clothing and if in doubt ask a club instructor for advice.
  8. When taking part in a supervised session, follow the instructions given by the club instructor.
  9. Be aware of river health hazards and contact your GP immediately if you feel unwell.
  10. All boats must display a valid Thames licence.
  11. Advise a club official of damage to club equipment or boats.
  12. Do not remove equipment from boats.
  13. Check boats (seat, rudder, footrest and hull) before use.
  14. Do not take food, crockery or eating utensils into the gym or changing rooms
  15. Do not leave wet kit in the changing rooms.
  16. Leave the clubhouse tidy.
  17. Subscriptions, rack fees and race fees are to be paid promptly.
  18. The last key holder to leave the club must ensure that the clubhouse and boat sheds are secure.