Although this race is not in our region, it is held very close to home on a pleasant reach of the Thames near Marlow. The race was well attended and offered good competition in all divisions. We had a successful day out with our group of 14 paddlers.


Phil won his third Div.1 race in succession, and Glenn and Richard O were 2nd and 3rd respectively in Div 2.


Ross paddled magnificently throughout, won division 4 with an exciting sprint at the finish… and a promotion. One of the older paddlers in his race was so impressed he even came and congratulated us on Ross’ racing skills. In the same race Tim came 6th and narrowly missed promotion on a technicality.


Luke and Elise were at the front of their Div.5 race all the way, taking 2nd and third places … and a promotion each.

Div.6 – Stef, really proved himself on this one ! Again he too looked really strong, as he came in 2nd and moves up to Div.5.


Ben Gibbons, a newcomer to our racing team this year, has been promoted on every race where he has managed to stay in his boat. This Div.7 one was no exception. Ben is full of surprises!  During the course of the last short lap he spectacularly caught up almost a minute on the leaders and stormed in to win. 8 miles in Div 6 for him next time!


We only fielded one K2, Kellie and Wendy in Div.8 … which they won in fine style and only narrowly missed promotion.


4 firsts, 3 seconds 2 thirds: 5 promotions and two swimmers who both put up very brave performances in spite of their mishaps.  WELL DONE EVERYONE. Don’t forget to sign up for Maidstone on Sunday 17th June.

Longridge Hasler results link