A set of guidelines for parents to enable them to help us give their children the best and most enjoyable experience of our sport.

A. Physical Needs and Safety.

  • Please do not allow your child to train when they are  unwell
  • Or when overtired.
  • Children should be appropriately clothed before, during and after training.  A complete change of clothes should be brought for training on every occasion and a warm coat/fleece jumper for wearing to go home.
  • It is important to have breakfast, especially before Saturday training and a snack between school and evening training is necessary.  Please ensure children drink before training.
  • Parents should deliver and collect children at the clubhouse (on time please) rather than dropping them off at the car park. This covers a number of safety issues.
  • For the benefit of your children, coaches need to know about any special considerations that may apply to them, either mental or physical.  (fears , phobias, allergies etc)
  • Suitable equipment is important for good progression. We supply all necessary equipment in the early stages. If a parent is intent on buying any item of equipment we would ask if them to liaise with their child’s coach before going ahead.
  • Junior members may only paddle in coach led groups. Junior paddlers are not permitted to hold keys or go on the river alone at any time. Neither should they use gym equipment without supervision/permission.


B. Mental and Social Wellbeing

  • Please report any problem that occurs (however trivial) as soon as possible either to your child’s coach, a committee member or the Child Protection Officer.
  • Changes in circumstance at home or school can cause stress for children. Let us know if your child is having a bad time.
  • We are a competitive club but the emphasis is on self improvement at whatever rate is natural to each child. Please try to avoid stress by exerting undue pressure to perform, or comparing your child with others.
  • Liaise regularly with your child’s coach in order that you are aware of any changes in normal proceedings and try to make sure that any notes distributed are given to you.
  • You are very welcome to watch our activities at any time, and many children appreciate parental interest.


C. Helping to Keep the Club Running Smoothly

  • Arrive on time for training sessions.
  • Inform us of any long absences e.g. holidays.
  • Encourage children to respect the equipment we provide and never to use equipment owned by others without their permission. Please check with your child that they have put their equipment away before they leave.
  • Come into the clubhouse, read the notice boards, chat to other parents and members. Please feel free to join in and help where you can. (We are all volunteers)
  • We do have a number of information sources which you can consult and may help you to feel more “with it” :-


Our website:  www.elmbridgecanoeclub.com

Booklet – Guide for Parents of New Paddlers

“The Racing Handbook”   once racing is established.



Di and Roland Lawler        01784 454772



Yvonne Thorogood            01372 466475

(Child Protection Officer)


Club Chairman

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