This is our most local race in SE Hasler region ; probably because of this we managed to persuade far more of you to come and race; we fielded twice as many Elmbridge paddlers this week than last, and they certainly made an impact!  We still did not manage to be the top club, but were runners up to Richmond, only 3 points behind.

Due to windy conditions being forecast, and this stretch of river between Hampton Court and Teddington having a reputation for being rough, we had more K2s racing . Alfie and Archie (newcomers on the scene) confidently won Div.9 K2 and both promoted to Div.8. Louise and Conner (also his first race) had a good win in Div.8 K2 and also both promoted to Div.7, with Wendy and Kellie following in 4th place.








Rebeka W. and Niki made their debut appearance in Div 6 and did well to come in 6th , 3min behind the leaders. Toni Lufkin and Derek made a welcome return to racing and secured us  2nd place in Div 5 K2. and Tim and Ollie (their annual appearance as a duo) claimed another Div 4.










The 12 mile K1 races were very challenging for our talented juniors. Kayne faced his first  Div.2 race, but tenaciously hung on to the front group of four to claim 4th place behind Richard in 3rd. All four paddlers crossed the line within 8 seconds. Ross in Div 3 raced 12 miles for the first time and found completing the course a bit of a challenge.

Phil. won his Div1 K1 race for the 5th consecutive time. Luke and Elise came 7th and 10th in Div 4. Stef was 6th in Div 5 :Ardash claimed 3rd in Div 7 and Sean 3rd in Div 8.


So !! Lots of good results and very few disasters.
The Hasler League Table now reads :-
Wey 42 : Elmbridge 40 : Richmond  40 : Tonbridge 37: Royal 35

Its VERY close. We need you all out there for Tonbridge and Richmond races in order to secure a definite place in the top 4 clubs to go on to the final  (which we won last year)