The club had a good turnout for this event: 28 paddlers (11 Seniors 17 Juniors). We were represented in every singles division apart from 9 and achieved some very good results, as well as suffering our share of mishaps !


It seemed that every other regional club had also turned out in force, resulting in a very crowded race, turbulent starts and quite a few capsizes, particularly in the 7,8,9 divisions. On a very narrow winding river, turns were tight and tactics important and for those in the higher divisions there were some tricky portages. Not an easy race, and overwhelming for some !


We did not fare too badly, although five of our paddlers did capsize and fail to finish.. both experienced and inexperienced !


We can be proud of our juniors in the higher divisions. Bruce almost won Div2 (but came second) : a really good performance from Kayne (6th Div 2) but in a group finish which included 3rd, 4th 5th & 6th.  Luke (6th) held his own well in Div 3 with  Stef. 11th in his first 12 mile race.


Elise did a very competitive race in Div4  ( 3rd and promoted) as did Jenny.  Becky was our top entry in div 5  doing her usual determined best .  Alfie, paddling his first 8 mile race coped well and finished smiling.


Our only win came from Shaun in Division 7, and a very convincing one too  !


Sean winning his race!!!


Tom & Phil took the top points in Division 1, Bruce 2nd in Div 2.


Thanks to everyone who tried so hard, you are on the way to qualifying for the Hasler Final and hopefully, as a club, we kept ourselves near the top of the league table.


 Wey Hasler Results