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Wey Hasler 2016 Results

Well done to the team of 26 paddlers who raced at Wey. Conditions were a little cold & windy but we managed to secure 3rd place overall, which means we remain in 3rd place on the LSE league table for 2015-2016. One promotion from the event was Gabor who is now Div 4, having raced up from Div 5. Don’t forget 1066 Hasler is on 15th May.

Results From Wey Hasler 2016

Link to AE photos website- Wey Hasler 2016 pictures

Results from the Elmbridge 1/2 Marathon 2016

Here are the results from the 1/2 marathon that took place on Easter Sunday for the under 16 year old boys & girls. Well done to everyone, helpers, supporters & parents who took part & made the race a success for the paddlers, don’t forget to add it to your diary for 2017 !



U12 Boys 151 George Firth LON 10:30:00 00:00:00 02:12:35 2:12:35 1ST 02:03:12
U12 Boys 150 Lucca Ferri ELM 10:30:00 00:00:00 02:17:32 2:17:32 2ND
U12 Boys 152 Ed Hubbard ROY 10:30:00 00:00:00 02:20:26 2:20:26 3RD
U13 Boys 252 Tate Hawkins WEY 10:35:00 00:05:00 02:18:17 2:13:17 1ST 01:47:42
U13 Boys 250 Zac Tarver ELM 10:35:00 00:05:00 02:19:44 2:14:44 2ND
U13 Boys 251 Ptolemy Morris WEY 10:35:00 00:05:00 RETIRED
U14 Girls 300 Amber Cox ELM 10:40:00 00:10:00 02:23:45 2:13:45 1ST 01:50:56
U14 Boys 350 Rory Stewart ADS 10:30:00 00:10:00 02:11:52 2:01:52 1ST 01:41:57
U15 Girls 400 Zoe Clark ROY 10:45:00 00:15:00 02:13:38 1:58:38 1ST 01:50:15
U15 Girls 403 Zoe Hurrell ADS 10:45:00 00:15:00 02:13:44 1:58:44 2ND
U15 Girls 401 Brooke English ELM 10:45:00 00:15:00 02:23:46 2:08:46 3RD
U15 Boys 450 Zak Benstead ELM 10:50:00 00:20:00 02:20:06 2:00:06 1ST 01:41:22
U16 Girls 501 Imogen Crockford ADS 10:48:00 00:18:00 02:25:18 2:07:18 01:48:03
U16 Girls 500 Bethany Turnbull ADS 10:48:00 00:18:00 RETIRED
U16 Boys 553 Joe Webb ric 10:50:00 00:20:00 02:06:01 1:46:01 1ST 01:34:45
U16 Boys 550 Andrew Barton roy 10:50:00 00:20:00 02:16:55 1:56:55 2ND
U16 Boys 552 Ben Fenwick lon 10:50:00 00:20:00 02:22:42 2:02:42 3RD

Elmbridge Easter Half Marathon Details 2016

Details for the Elmbridge Half Marathon 2016 Link 

Hasler Final 2015

Elmbridge qualified 32 athletes for the Hasler Finals this year; we managed to put out a good team across the divisions and overall came 3rd behind Richmond and Chelmsford. The course was very bumpy and shallow with a 300m long portage so well done to everyone that finished.


Div 1 K1– Ed Rutherford and Luke racing who came 7th and 10th respectively. It is good to see Ed racing marathon after a long sprint season.

Div 1 K2– Ross and Phil won over 5 minutes well done boys for making sure you knew the course before the race. Very impressive even with a swim at a portage.

Div 2 K2– Glenn and George also managed a 1st place by over 2 minutes. Good to see this K2 is undefeated currently after their win at Tonbridge.

Div 3 K1– Stefano did very well making the top group and came in 4th earning himself a promotion to Div 2! Tim Bowyer also raced and came 31st.

Div 3 K2– An amazing sprint finish by Oscar and Scott managed to win the sprint for 2nd place! All that sprinting in Nottingham obviously helped!

Div 4 K1– Jenny Withers came all the way back from Exeter to race and did very well coming 6th and only missing promotion by 20 seconds. Well done Jenny after a solid years racing.

Div 4 K2– Callum and Rebekah managed a 9th place after a very solid start. Considering this is only Callum’s 2nd year of canoeing he’s done very well and raced through the division.

Div 5 K1– Rob and Steven led this race out by themselves; unfortunately Steven struggled on the portages and later retired but Rob managed to hold his lead and won Div 5 by over a minute and earn himself a promotion to Div 4.

Div 5 K2– Joe and Katie came 2nd after winning the start but unfortunately struggling on the long portage and being overtaken and never able to catch back up. Both Joe and Katie have also earnt themselves a promotion with this race.

Div 6 K1– Steve Williams was the only entry in this race but unfortunately isn’t a fan of the bumpy water and came in 39th out of 46th with a bit of a help of a swim at a portage. 3 Hasler Finals 3 Swims!

Div 6 K2– Sam and Zak managed a very good race and came 9th with both these boys being promoted into Div 6 this year so a very solid effort from these two.

Div 7 K1– Both Amber and Brooke entered this race and with 66 starters we knew it was going to be hard. The girls came 19th and 27th respectively but with the first 14 being promoted and Amber only being 30 seconds off promotion things look good for next year with these two.

Div 7 K2– Wendy and Kellie as well as Beata and Jenny Williams raced in this division. With so many K2s in such a narrow space unfortunately there was going to be some collisions. The ladies came in 10th and 25th respectively.

Div 8 K1– Julian Sherratt managed an amazing 2nd place in a field of almost 40 which also earnt himself a promotion. Mary McLeod also managed a solid race and came 16th only 30 seconds off promotion herself.

Div 8 K2– Luca and Erica did very well to come 7th which is very impressive as Luca is still in division 9, they managed to beat a lot of crews who had two Div 8 paddlers so well done you two!

Overall we had an amazing days racing with everyone putting in all their effort. Thanks to all the coaches as well as the parents for constantly driving their children around.

Lets start the 2015/ 2016 series with a win at Elmbridge sign up sheet is up.

Hasler Final

Congratulations to all our Hasler Final Team and thanks to all supporters.




It was essential that we scored well at this event in order to qualify for the National Final of the Hasler series. We were lying 3rd in the regional table, with Royal C.C. only 2 points behind. Only three clubs qualify from our London SE Region, so we were in a precarious position.

Congratulations to all our members who rallied round and supported the club in this crucial event and put up such amazing performances. Royal Canoe Club was also making an unprecedented effort at qualifying; they could see that it would not take much to swing the balance in their favour. Spectators were treated to a nail-biting climax to the regional season.

Ed Rutherford , mainly a GB Team sprinter, helped us out in Div1 but then Royal had also called in another GB sprinter Jon Boyton, so there was likely to be a fast pace set at the start. Also in this race were Luke, Ross and Phil. Ed and Jon set a good pace which meant that they led the race most of the way, and finished in that order, but Luke (Div 2 who started in 1 because there were no other entries in his race) hung onto the wash to the bitter end, finishing 3rd but still very much in contact only 2 seconds behind Ed. Luke got promoted to Division 1!

Tom and Oscar were 1st and 2nd in Div 2: Robert 4th in Div 5, just mentioning some of the higher scoring boats . Tobin Bowers and Zac Tarver, our new recruits this year, came 2nd and 11th in Div.9 (Tobin was promoted to 7)

Our Doubles paddlers excelled themselves! The top doubles division (which included Division 1/2/3/4) was won by George and Glenn with Elise and Stef 3rd.

Katie and Jo won Div 5. Wendy/Kelly won Div 7 with Amber/Brooke 4th Mary/Erica won Div 9 and were promoted.

The final score? Royal 226, Elmbridge 237.




While the rest of the country suffered varying degrees of stormy wet weather, all those who went to compete at this event spent two days in beautiful sunshine. Conditions were good and the event was well organised by Norwich Canoe Club in a lovely Norfolk country park.

The club took a relatively small team, but even so some of the results were very pleasing.  The first morning races included the Mens Veteran over 54. That meant Tim had to be ready early (we had our fingers crossed). No worries, he did a great race, off the start without a wobble and came 5th.

The under 18s came next: in the Girls race Jenny came 5th. In the Boys race, Luke did a very dynamic performance taking 3rd place behind Chemiel and Gregory, and beating  Luke Harding while Stef came in 15th (about halfway down the field).

The under 23 and senior women’s races were run at the same time and included Sam Rees-Clark (who, although also a member of Basingstoke, trains a lot with us). Sam was in the leading group all the way and finished overall 3rd (behind Lizzie Broughton and Jenny Swallow), but first under 23.  A very strong effort over 21k which earned her a place in the GB Marathon Team to Gyor next month.

All the doubles racing took place on Sunday:  Wendy and Kelly were the only completely Elmbridge crew, and represented us in the over 44 Ladies event, coming  4th out of a field of 10, well done ladies! Emily Illinesi paired with Imogen Collins (RDG) were 4th in the Senior Womens K2 : Elise Piercy paired with Melissa Johnson (CLM) easily won the Under 18 Girls race, and a place in the Marathon Team to the World Championships.

Richmond Hasler:

The event was held on 2nd August and hosted by Richmond canoe club on a beautiful warm sunny day. Due to the cycling event and road closures, only a handful of our paddlers represented the club at the race. Small numbers aside, they were all enthusiastic and put in a strong effort.

In Div1 Philip Thorogood took 3rd position, bringing valuable points to the club while Jenny Withers finished 4th in Div4.
We had the most entrants in Div7 where 3rd place was taken by Wendy and Kelly who coped with their new boat very well, followed by a newly formed crew Jenny and Beata in 4th position.
Julian did well in Div 8 battling the Richmond ladies all the way.

We need all hands on the deck for the last race of the hasler season to get as many points as possible, and qualify for the final in Oxford.


22-23 National Marathon Champs: A two day event for singles and doubles. Not divisional races, but classes divided into age groups.  Please check the link below for all details and sign up for entries by Wed Aug 12th.
The event is held in a country park with a lake and a good campsite. A lovely venue on a sunny day!

The link to the National Marathon Championships 2015 pages is:


30th TONBRIDGE MARATHON:  This is the last “Hasler” race in this years’ qualifying series. Only 3 clubs can go through to the final.  We only raced seven paddlers at Richmond last Sunday and this has left us in 3rd place in the league looking very shakey. WE NEED EVERYBODY TO TURN OUT FOR THIS RACE. The club has been running since 1983 and has never yet failed to qualify for the HASLER FINAL.  Please don’t let us down this time!


Seventeen of our members took part in this event and some very good results recorded.

Although the race was not in our region, and we couldn’t score points for the club, it was still a really good event, and very well attended, as are all the Southern Region races.

  • Divisions 7, 8 and 9 raced first, and saw the K1 debut of our Div 9 paddlers (10 year olds). They did us proud… a good start from all three (Erica, Luca and Lizzie), they all followed instructions and put up a very creditable performance. There were 22 paddlers in the race (10 of them adults). Erica came 14th, Luca 15th and Lizzie 20th. All paddling in fine style. Well done!!
  • Julian was 8th out of 19 in Div.8
  • Sam unfortunately made a very poor start in Div 7, and it looked very much as if his hopes for promotion were shattered, as everyone left him behind.  He, however did not give up : he battled his way up the field of 35 competitors,  finished second and got promoted!!  In the same race Beata  sacrificed her race to helping a capsized child and didn’t get the result she was obviously capable of.
  • Wendy and Kellie in Div 7 K2 were up against hot competition. The winner got away, but that left a group of 3 boats battling for the other two medals… all 3 finished within 2 seconds of each other, the Elmbridge boat taking 4th place overall.

The second group of races included all the other divisions

  • In Division 2, Luke came within 1/10 sec. of winning, but had to settle for 2nd
  • In Div 3. Stef. was 3rd.
  • In Div 4. Tim excelled himself by coming 2nd and being promoted to Div 3
  • Zac embarked on his first 8 mile race in Div 6 and only missed promotion to 5 by 4 seconds. The last 50 yards of his race was a flat out effort with three other paddlers all chasing two medals. A really good race Zac! (especially as you managed to fit in time to swim as well).

We only have two races left to help us maintain our position in the hasler league table.
We are lying 3rd at the moment… We need to STAY THERE!



Try to support our efforts to reach the final!