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Elmbridge Awards Ceremony Friday 25th November 2011


Elmbridge Canoe Club AGM Saturday 19th November 2011

Dear members and parents of members

Re Annual General Meeting of Elmbridge Canoe Club

to be held at 11:00 am on Saturday 19th 

You are invited to the Annual General Meeting of Elmbridge Canoe Club which is to be held at 11:00 am on Saturday 19th November at the club.
The draft agenda for the meeting is
1 Apologies for absence
2 Approval of minutes of the AGM held on the 3rd November 2010
3 Matters arising from the minutes
4 Chairman’s report
5 Treasurer’s report
6 Appointment of auditor
7 Chief coach’s report
8 Election of committee members
9 Election of officers
10 Any other business.
Re Item 8 The Committee is made up of a maximum of ten members. Members are usually elected for a period of three years. We currently have 3 members co-opted onto the committee who will need to be officially voted in or other people can be nominated to fill their roles. Nominations for committee members will be taken at the meeting.
Re Item 9 The Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer are elected each year. The Chairman and Secretary are willing to stand again next year, the Treasurer role is currently filled by a co-opted member who is willing to stand for election. Nominations for any of the three positions should be submitted before the 10th November to me by e-mail, or in writing to the above address. Each nomination should have the support of one other member.
Re item 10 If you would like to raise an item of any other business to be discussed at the meeting please let me know by e-mail, or in writing to the above address, before the 10th November.
Yours faithfully

             Ivan Lawler (Chairman)

Singapore ICF Canoe Marathon Championships

The Marathon World Championships takes place this weekend 21 st October to 24 th October. Good luck to the GB team & especially defending champion Ben Brown from Elmbridge.


For those that are interested in the results etc use the link :-




The club turned out in force to ensure that this was a successful day in all respects.. and of course the weather helped too.

Thank you to all our helpers and officials, those behind the scenes, those in the car park and those on the course; and thanks to all the paddlers who raced so hard to ensure that we scored the most points.


A good start to the new “Hasler” year.



There were seven new Elmbridge children racing for the first time at this event. Ben Gibbons won Div 9 K1 (and was promoted), Georgina was 16th (there were 27 in the race !).




In the special beginners race we had Ros (2nd), Georgia (3rd), Sebastian, Aisling, Ender and Dan. Well done all of you !


As a result of the multi-promotions at the Hasler Final, there were quite a few of our paddlers facing a much harder race than they were used to. Amy was 6th out of 14 in Div 3,  Elise was 10th  out of 18 in Div 5, Stefano and Roberta 8th and 15th out of 21 in Div 6, Becky 10th out of 20 in Div 7, Steve, Mark and Sophie 9th, 10th and 14th out of 22 in Div 8.


Well done Toni ! The winner of Division 5 . Good K1 results also from Emma French 4th in Div 7, Luke 2nd in Div 6 and promoted to 5, Phil and Glenn in Div 1 & 2,  2nd & 1st and Paul Rogers  3rd out of 25 in Div 4.


We scored well in the doubles events: Rebbi  and partner took 2nd in Div 4, Derek and Richard L. won Div 5  and Jo and James Kew won Div 8 with Wendy and Kellie in 3rd.

(The crew that actually came in first in this race disqualified themselves voluntarily, as they realised that they had entered too easy a race !! )

Welcome to all the new racers !


The Paddling Challenge Cup

This cup is the oldest canoeing trophy in the country and almost certainly the most valuable. In the early days of Royal Canoe Club (1874 in fact) , the first  canoe race was run. It started at Kingston Bridge and came downstream to “the one mile tree” which was reputed to be an oak on the bank opposite the club.  Members of the club contributed to buy a solid silver trophy, which cost 42 guineas  (£44.10 in todays money). Only men could compete, and it was an open race. Over a period of years the race has been modernised , and has become a 10k race run round a circuit. Women and young people are now allowed to compete and trophies have been provided for these classes, but the orginal cup always goes to the winning man.


This years winner was Tim Brabants who took his third Paddling Challenge victory in 43:14 with Ed Rutherford in 2nd, 5 seconds behind and Ben Farrell a further 12 seconds off in 43:31. All three of them from Elmbridge. In the past the cup has also been won by one of our founder members, Peter Lawler and more recently by Ivan Lawler.


Report on Hasler Final 2011 … Look at the Smiley Faces !


This year the Hasler Final was held at Bedford on the River Ouse and organised jointly by Bedford (Viking) Kayak Club and Leighton Buzzard Canoe Club. It was a beautiful day and an ideal venue.

The course was unfortunately very choppy, due to the straight high banks, but it was immaculately buoyed and divided so as to avoid collisions, and prevent finishers getting mixed with those still racing. Everything ran to time, even the final presentation (which is pretty much unheard of for this event).


The racing took place in 3 “waves” . First the Div. 7,8 & 9.. followed by 4,5,6.. then finally 1,2 and 3. This made plenty of time to watch and support. In spite of the rough water, all our team were really racing to win and giving their all, not letting conditions deter them in any way, they were going for it ! It was no mean feat to just get off the start when there were thirty or so boats jostling for position.


Team Elmbridge was mainly from the junior section of the club .. all but one of them under 16. We had a team of 30, which included only 7 adults. We were represented in all divisions from 9 – 1 in either K1 or K2, sometimes both.  Very few of our boats were placed lower than 4th.  It is obvious that everyone was doing their best when we look at our promotions from this event (16 of them !)


In order to make this competition viable for smaller clubs the number of boats that score is limited to 3 x K2 and 6 x K1. The way to win the trophy is to get as near as possible to winning with those prescribed boats.


We were thrilled to come through the 7,8,9 group with a K1 win (Stefano) and a K2 win (Becky/Rebecca) . Ardarsh and Steve both took 3rd places in K1 as did Ruby/Louise in K2. A good start !

In the 4,5,6 group Elise convincingly won Div6 K1, Amy was 3rd in 4 K1 (followed closely by Kayne in 4th). Ross and Elliot took 3rd place in 5 K2.  It was then down to the last group of paddlers in Division 1, 2 and 3 to boost the score to the winning level. We had to improve on 2 wins, 2 x 3rds and 2 x4th in K1 and 1 win and 2 x 3rd in K2.


They did just enough .. Phil came 3rd in Div1 K1 .. but Dwane really excelled himself with a crucial first place in Div2. Harry and Matt took 3rd in Div3 K2.  We won by 6 points !  (226) , Banbury were 2nd with 220, Norwich 3rd with 211, Wey 206, LBZ 170 ,Basingstoke 169 ……

2011 Hasler Finals winners

Elmbridge Canoe Club are the winners of the Hasler Trophy 2011!!!!! Congratulations to all who took part. :)


Loire Valley Marathon 25 th September 2011

Fantastic news for Amy Ward who was selected for the Loire Valley & came 1st in the Girls 15km race, Well done Amy!

Elmbridge Hasler Sunday 9th October 2011

For all information regarding the Elmbridge Hasler 2011 click on the Elmbridge Races tag.