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Hastings 1066 Hasler

Results Hasting 1066

The club fielded a team of 16 paddlers for this event: someone in every division except Div.6. Other clubs from our region taking part were Royal, Wey, Maidstone, Tonbridge and Hastings.


Philip won Div.1/2 (combined)  Glenn 4th  Richard 5th

Kayne came second in Div 3,

Ross won Div 4  (Paul 3rd, Tim.B 5th)

Luke was 4th in  Div 5 ,


Becky Solway was 4th in Div 7 and won the prize for highest placed junior lady. Excellent performances also from Jenny and Rebecca W. Both suffered mishaps but didn’t give up!


Steve and Ben worked together to take 1st & 2nd in Div 8 (ie Ben sat on Steves wash all the way round then beat him at the end) .. both were promoted !


Our new racers in Div 9 ( Georgia, Georgina and Archie) all finished without mishap after a chaotic start. Four miles is still a long way for them, but they all finished and scored points for the club.


The final reckoning on the points brought Tonbridge out on top, which was no surprise as they really were out in force) Wey second and Elmbridge 3rd (only one point behind Wey).


We scored well on our singles, but had no doubles: Wey scored heavily with their K2s perhaps not as well as us on their K1s. We need a good representation of both K1 and K2 at our next regional race, Maidstone on June 17th.


20th May World Cup 1 News

Final racing today in Poznan, a report of the results on

GB Canoeing- Poznan

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19th May World Cup 1 News

Today’s news to be found on GB Canoeing- Poznan

18th May World Cup 1 news

Latest news from the Worlds on

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GB Canoeing- Poznan

European Olympic Qualifier News 17th May – Poznan

News of today’s racing available on GB Canoeing- Poznan & on Sprintwise link

Videos posted by GB Canoeing

Poznan- Qualification & World Cup 1

Events in Poznan:
16-17 May – European Olympic Qualifier

Events to follow
MK2 1000- Jon Boyton (ROY) / Ed Rutherford (ELM)
WK2 500- Lani Belcher (ELM) / Angela Hannah (NOT)
K1 500- Katherine Trotter (ELM)

Poznan 18-20 May – World Cup 1

MK1 1000: Tim Brabants (ROY) and Paul Wycherley (WEY)
WK1 500: Rachel Cawthorn (WEY) and Louisa Sawers  (ELM)
WK1 200: Rachel Cawthorn (WEY) and Jess Walker  (ROY)

Event Website

live coverage


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May Nottingham Regatta 2012


May regatta turned out to be a very quiet affair for the Elmbridge team. The weather was a slight improvement on April, no cagoules, gloves, hats etc needed & the rain held off. In Girls A/B we had Amy Ward, Rebi Simon & Elise Piercy. Again the battle for 1st places was between Amy & Rebi, well done girls & Elise for giving it her best in her first Girls A/B races. Rebekah Solway, Rebecca Williams, Nicole Dawes & Jenny Withers made up our Girls D team, in which they were 1st in the 1000m K4 & 2nd in the K4 5oom. Rebekah & Nicole were 1st in their K2 1000m & 2nd in the 500m K2. All the girls made final 1 or final 2 races. Emily Illinesis raced in Womens C & came 3rd in her K2 race with Imogen  Collins. In Boys A Harry Archer made both Final 1’s for his K1 1000m & 500m, & in his K2 with Bruce Jones they were 4th in their 1000m & 3rd in their 500m.  Marton Simon & Rob Beer raced in Mens A/B where Marton in Mens A came 1st in his 1000m & 2nd in 500m. Rob was 1st in mens A/B 200m finals & 1st in his K2 200m. Well done to our very small crew & let’s hope the weather improves for the future 2012 Regattas.

May regatta results link


Results Elmbridge Assessment Race

Result link for Assessment Race