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Archive for July, 2012

National Inter-Club Sprint Competition “The McGregor Paddle”

The McGregor Paddle Trophy is literally a very old and original wooden paddle used by John McGregor, an adventure canoeist of the late 19th century and founder member of Royal Canoe Club, who held the first ever canoe regatta in 1867.

Our inter-club regatta is a far cry from his activities, but can also be very exciting and come up with some unexpected results, largely due to the complications of the scoring system. When we left the regatta we had no idea who had won, and had to leave it in the hands of the organisers for several days before the results were finally revealed.

1st Reading: 2nd Nottingham: 3rd Elmbridge

This result does not tell the full the story behind the competition however. Each club scores their best 12 singles results: best 6 doubles results and best 3 K4 results. This done, Elmbridge are winning on the racing results.

Penalty points accrued during the season for infringing racing rules at competitions are then deducted .. Elmbridge didn’t have any … so they are still winning.

Finally, add the number of competitors entered in the competition. Elmbridge only had 18 .. but Reading had 38 and Nottingham had 37.  So that puts Elmbridge down in 3rd place.

This was an excellent effort from all those who raced , the competition only being lost by those of you that didn’t.


Special congratulations to the 13 girls & women who made up the bulk of our team and attained most of the high scoring positions. The Girls D team of Becky Solway, Rebecca Williams, Roberta Lufkin and Jenny Withers gained two k4 wins, as well as scoring high on their K1s and K2s. Amy Ward and Rebi Simon dominated the Girls A/B class, whilst our more mature girls, Jenny Illinesi, Kellie Archer, Wendy Piercy & Tracey Rees-Clark produced a good 4th in their K4. Emily Illinesi with Elise Piercy, racing up to Womens C, won their K2 1000m & 2nd in their 200m. Katherine Trotter arrived at the Regatta to find her boat missing, after racing international in Portugal, so had to race in an unfamiliar boat loaned to her & partnered Katie Williams in the Womens A. Well done Marton Simon for his two wins in Mens A K1… and to the other four boys (Ross McMullen, Elliot Solway, Harry Archer and Dwayne Morton) who all contributed to the success of the team. Many thanks go to the parents for taxiing the paddlers to events like this & to our wonderful team leader, Fran Solway, who ironed out all the problems before & during the event & to our many coaches for all their support.


Olympic Hopes selection, Szeged, Hungary

Well done to the following Elmbridge junior paddlers who have been selected to represent Great Britain at the Olympic Hopes Regatta in Szeged, Hungary 13-17th September.

Rebi Simon

Amy Ward

Harry Archer


Results for the U23 & Junior Sprint racing in Portugal

Congratulations to the Elmbridge paddlers that competed in Portugal over the week.

Results were:


Ed Rutherford K1 1000m Final B – 3rd- Ranking 12th

K1 500m Final A- 8th- Ranking 8th


Lani Belcher K1 500m Final A- 4ht- Ranking 4th


Katherine Trotter K1 1000m 1st Semi- final 8th

K2 500m 1st Semi- final 6th


Rob Beer K2 200m 1st Semi- final 9th




Amy Ward K1 1000m  Final B- 1st – Ranking 10th


Marton Simon K1 1000m Final A- 5th- Ranking 5th

K1 500m Final A- 4th- Ranking 4th


Rebi Simon K1 500m Final A-8th- Ranking 8th

Update on racing for the U23 & Junior Sprints in Portugal

Link to report on GB canoeing site


This event presented competitors at all levels with serious challenges. The constant rain in recent weeks meant that there was a strong flow added to the outgoing tide.

The start, against this stream, was less than fair to those who couldn’t find room to line up near the bank. The downstream portage with space for only one boat to get in or out safely, steep slopes and a quagmire to run through, was highly dangerous. Stef and Kayne fell victim to accidents on the portage. Dwane took one look at it and decided to pass by….and was disqualified.

From our entry of 24 at least seven failed to complete the course due to capsize or other accidents. Quite a few more were omitted from the results . However, the organisers have now managed to salvage all the information they needed to produce the final results. In spite of everything many of you produced good results and won us second position in the points for the day, as runners up to Richmond.

Phil took 3rd place in Div 1 : Harry 3rd in Div 2:  Paul Rogers stormed ahead and won Div 4 ( with Tim 6th and Elliot 7th).
Derek 7th in Div 5.  In Div 6, Paul Dimmock came 2nd and Jenny, after a very unlucky start fought her way back up the field and finished 4th .. really good performance ! Nicole followed in 11th place.

Division 7 saw Becky 3rd, Adarsh 4th and Conner 5th. Alfie also finished but his position and time on the results are “suspect”.  In Div.9 we lost Beata on the start, but Ros (5th) Ender (7th) and Georgia all finished .

There were 7  promotions : Paul Rogers, Paul Dimmock, Jenny Withers, Rebekah Solway, Ardarsh Heaton, Conner Ward and Ros Evans .. congratulations to you all ! Don’t forget to sign up for Tonbridge Hasler 19th August, as we still need those points, see our position on the league table tab.


European Championships – Under 23 & Junior – Montemore-o-Velho, Portugal, 12th – 15th July 2012

Good Luck to our Elmbridge paddlers that are racing this weekend in Montemore-o-Velho, Portugal

Under 23

Ed Rutherford

Lani Belcher

Rob Beer

Katerine Trotter


Marton Simon

Amy Ward

Rebi Simon

Information & Results 

Thames Valley Hasler Report

This Hasler race held on Dreadnought Reach on the Thames at Reading incorporated an assessment event to help in the selection of GB teams for international events , including the World Championships in Rome in September.


In the Men’s race Phil was up against some of the best marathon paddlers in the country. He stayed in touch with the front group for much of the race and finished 4th only 2mins behind the leader. Well done Phil !

Another excellent result from Kayne in the Junior Assessment race. Still only 13, he was very competitive against some notably good juniors and came in 6th (4 mins behind the winner but only 2mins off second place). Harry managed to catch up, after a swim, and came 11th. Ross was 17th, a new experience for him, as it was his 1st assessment race.

Amy Ward was the winner of the junior women’s race, 3 mins ahead of second place, Sam Rees-Clark, who gets a mention here as one of our associate members. Elise Piercy, in her 1st assessment, was 8th.

It seems that all our paddlers in the divisional races are on the up and up, and are to be congratulated for their ongoing improvement over the last few months; the faithful few that represent us at all the marathon races gather medals and promotions every week.

This weeks hall of fame :
Div 2 K1    Dwayne, came !
Div 4 K1    Elliot    4th .. just missed promotion,
Div 5 K1    Stef     2nd    Promoted to 4  (how does he do it !),
Div 7 K1    Becky & Ardarsh   1st & 3rd  an excellent race
Disq. on a technicality (went on the wrong side of a buoy)
Div 8 K1    Alfie 1st  Promoted to Div 7    Sean 3rd
Div 9 K1    Georgia 5th, Georgina 9th   Aisling 15th
We are moving up the field !
Doubles Events:
Div.4 K2     Ollie/Tim  7th
Div.6 K2     Nicole/Rebecca  (Well done! a much better race this week)
Div.8 K2     Wendy/Kellie   1st  and promoted to 7  !!!

There are two more races this season..
Richmond this Sunday and Tonbridge in August
Lets get everyone out racing !