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BCU Junior National Championship Sprint Regatta 13th & 14th April 2013

The 1st of the Sprint Regattas took place at the weekend, the BCU Junior National Championship. A team of Junior and Senior Elmbridge paddlers travelled up to Nottingham. The day started off with bright sunshine and not a ripple on the water. Of course this is Nottingham and the weather doesn’t stay calm for long. The wind picked up, but more so on the Sunday, testing all the attendees whether on the water or watching from the side, but after such a wet winter nothing was going to stop our members from making a mark on the podium. Well done to all our paddlers for competing especially Stefano, Kayne (Under 16 boys)  and Ross ( Under 18 boys) who were the youngest in their age categories  and thanks to our team leader, Fran, for all her hard work.

The following Elmbridge members were presented with the following awards at the Regatta, congratulations to :-

Junior Racing Canoist Of The Year- Marton Simon

Phillips Plate & Dennis Smith Trophy 2012 – Amy Ward


Junior National Championship Results


Boys U18

Bruce Jones :-s 1000m K4 – 1st National Champion, 500m K1 – 2nd, 200m K2- 2nd

Harry Archer :-1000m K1 – 3rd, 500m K1 Final 2- 5th , 500m K2 -9th, 200m K1 Final 3- 2nd

Ross McMullen :- 1000m K1 Final 2-9th, 500m K1 Final 2 -6th , 200m Final 3- 5th


Girls U18

Rebi Simon:- 1000m K1- 1st National Champion,200m K1 – 1st  National Champion, 500m K4 – 1st National Champions,500m K1 – 1st  National Champion

Amy Ward:- 1000m K1 – 2nd, 200m K1 – 3rd 500m K1 – 2nd , 500m K2 – 1st National Champion


Boys U16

Kayne Wilkinson:- 1000m K1 – 4th , 200m K1 – 6th, 500m K1 -5th

Stefano di Gregorio:- 1000m K1 – Final 3 – 3rd, 200m K1 – Final 3 – 8th, 500m K1 – Final 2 – 4th

Eliot Solway:- 1000m K1 – Final 2 -8th, 200m K1 -Final 3 – 3rd, 500m K1 – Final 3 – 8th


Girls U16

Elise Piercy:-  1000m K1 – 1st National Champion, 200m K1 – 3rd, 500m K1 – 2nd, 1000m K2 – 3rd , 500m K2 – 3rd , 200m K2 – 3rd


Girls U14

Rebecca Williams:- 1000m K1 – 6th, 1000m K4 – 1st National Champion, 500m K1 – 2nd, 1000m K2 – 2nd, 500m K4 – 2nd, 500m K2 – 2nd

Rebekah Solway:- 1000m K1 – 5th, 1000m K4 – 1st  National Champion, 1000m K2 – 2nd, 500m K4 – 2nd, 500m K2 – 2nd


Senior Results

Mens A 1000m K2 – 1st Ed Rutherford  with A Daniels (LON)

Open Mens  5KM K1 – 1st Ed Rutherford

Mens A 500m K1 – 1st Ed Rutherford

Womens A/B 1000m K1 -1st Katherine Trotter

Womens A/B 200m K1 – 3rd Lani Belcher

Womens A 500m K1 – 3rd Lousia Sawers

Womens A 200m K2 – Joint 1st Lani Belcher with A Hannah (NOT) & Louisa Sawers with H Mason (NOT)

Womens C 1000m K1 –  1st Emily Illinesi

Womens C 500m K1 – 2nd Emily Illinesi



Lastly congratulations to the following Elmbridge Junior paddlers on their promotions :-

Kayne Wilkinson- Boys A

Eliot Solway- Boys B

Elise Piercy- Girls A

Rebekah Solway- Girls C


Links to the following :-

April Regatta Results

Paddlers post

2013 Hasler Racing off to a good Start.

Sunday April 7th saw our club off to a good start at Longridge Marathon. Although not in our region this venue is less than an hour away and provided good competition.


Phil. continued his winning streak from last year in Div.1 with Glenn in 3rd place: Luke 3rd in Div.3, Stefano 3rd in 4.

There were three Elmbridge girls racing in Div.5; Jenny took an excellent 2nd place, Becky 6th and Rebecca W. 10th (a brave finish after a very cold capsize). Nicky Hadland in his first 8 mile race was 3rd.


As a spectator I was very impressed by the focus and determination of our paddlers. They were certainly giving their best effort. This is reflected in the fact that there were several promotions. Stef to Div 3, Jenny to Div 4 and Nick to Div 5.


In the assessment races (run for the Marathon Racing committee to help them choose British teams to race abroad) we also fared quite well.


Tom Deacon managed to stay in the front group of the senior race for all but the last lap, a good performance for him finishing 5th. Our junior men, Bruce, Kayne and Harry had tough opposition and a big field to contend with, but Bruce was in the top two or three throughout and finished 4th. Kayne also put up an incredible performance by staying in the front group along with the best of them. On the last lap when the pace was pushed up by the strongest paddlers, the group split up and the first three places were taken by Ed Haws, Nick Romaine and Jack Childerstone.  Bruce & Kayne, taking 4th and 6th respectively with Harry 9th.


Amy was the only Elmbridge girl in the Junior event, but she and Sam Rees-Clark (BAS) kept each other company at the front of the race, well ahead of the rest of the field. Amy however, on the last lap took off and romped home with a very convincing three minute lead over everyone.


Our next Hasler race is in our own region at Wey Kayak club (April 28th). We will be trying to maintain our points lead at this one and expect you all to turn out and race.





Longridge Hasler Results

Assessment Results


25th Elmbridge Half Marathon 2013

Well done to all the Under 16 girls and boys who braved the coldest Easter weekend, since records began in 1960, to compete in the 25th Elmbridge Half Marathon Time Trial along the Wey Navigation. The Under 15 boys certainly showed that they were aiming for their best time, as they jostled on the start line and had to be reminded that they still had 2 minutes to go. The sun made an appearance but unfortunately couldn’t compete with the easterly winds to warm up the temperature,  but with encouragement from supporters and helpers at the locks  the majority completed the time trial. Many thanks must go to all the Elmbridge Canoe Club helpers on the locks and at the road sections (where the portaging crosses over roads) in the Galley, Starters, and behind the scenes making the time trial possible for the 25th time. Without these people the time trial would not be possible.



Pictures of the days event.

They’re away!!!!

Under 15 Boys on the start line

























































Smiling supporters