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Hasting 1066 Hasler Marathon Report

Hasting 1066 Hasler 2011

On the 22nd May a group of 20 Elmbridge paddlers raced at the 1st London South East Hasler of 2011. The rain held off for all the races, although the wind had picked up by the time the upper divisions were making their return journey after the

Harry Archer was awarded the top junior boys trophy & Steve Williams was awarded the top veteran male in Div 9, despite swimming at the start. Special praise goes to Rebekah & Sophie. This was their first away Hasler & despite unfortunate events, they soldiered on & finished their races in true Elmbridge style, to get those vital points for the club. A big thank you goes to the parents who supported their children & encouraged all the paddlers with their cheering.


Div9 K1

Rebekah Solway 9th
Sophie Denham 10th
Steve Williams 13th


Louise Thorogood & Ruby Coombs 1st
Wendy Piercy & kellie Archer 4th

Div7 K1

Luke Bowyer 3rd

Div6 K1

Eliot Solway 4th


Elise Piercy & Ross McMullen 1st

Div5 K1

Kayne Wilkinson 3rd
Tim Bowyer 6th

Div4 K1

Paul Wilkinson 3rd


Emily Illinesi & Rebeka Simon 2nd

Div3 K1

Richard Ockendon 2nd
Harry Archer 3rd

Div K1

Philip Thorogood 1st
1/2 Dwayne Morton 4th