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Only ten of our paddlers went to Reading on Sunday, but what we lacked in quantity we made up for in quality. It was a blustery day with the usual Reading choppy water but this did not deter the Elmbridge team from putting up some excellent performances.

With Becky Solway and Georgia Pullar in Division 9 we thought we had a winner.. they led away off the start, were first to the turn, and it seemed were going to lead all the way to the end. Suddenly, a high powered black boat shot past them and finished 2 minutes in front. (they had missed the start and caught up, and shouldn’t have been in Div.9 anyway). However, we took a very creditable second place and both girls were promoted to Div.8. The winners incidentally were promoted to Div.6.

There was more success to follow in the Div 6 K2 with Ross and Elliot. Again, an excellent start which left half the field behind immediately. The lead just increased throughout the race and they won by 1.1/2 mins .. promoted to Div.5

In the singles events there were further promotions ..
Richard from 3 to 2, in a hectic combitation K1 race which included Divs. 1-3; Philip took 3rd place in this race but of course is already Div 1. Kayne was 4th in 5 and was promoted to 4, Michael was 3rd in 6 and promoted to 5.

Harry broke ranks, and paddled with James Escott from Bradford in Div3 K2 , taking 4th place.

Well done all of you, a great days racing .. your supporters enjoyed it immensely.