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Nottingham Sprint Regatta 4th-5th June 2011

Having had fantastic weather for April, & fair weather for May, our luck was bound to change for the June regatta. Little did those that traveled to Nottingham expect the weather to be so extreme. With NW winds of up to, & possibly stronger, than 21MPH gusts, many of the competing canoeist from other clubs struggled to hold their boats in the start bucket. By the end of Saturday, races were running close to 45 min late, due to numerous swimmers & I believe one girl, unfortunately, sunk her boat. We did have one swimmer, Ross, who managed to fall in twice before his start, but persevered & continued on to complete his race. Spray decks & life jackets for C & D became mandatory. Paddlers coursed through the waves, submerging the noses of the their boats, only to be lift out & end up paddling air, rather than water. Even though it was grim for our canoeist, they were not deterred by the conditions & successfully completed their races with some great results.

Some of the results are as follows:-

Boys D – Ross & Eliott 3rd K2 1000, 4th K2 500, 3rd K4 1000 (mixed crew)

Girls C – Elise & Lucy 3rd K2 1000, 4th K2 500

Boys C – Matt, Alex, Michael & Antonia ( who raced with the boys) 3rd K4 1000

Girls A – Katherine 1st K1 1000, 2nd K1 200, 1st K1 500

Rebbi 3rd K1 200, 2nd K1 500

Katherine & Rebbi 1st K2 1000, 1st K2 500, 3rd K2 200

Emily & Imogen Collins (Reading) 3rd K2 500, 2nd K2 200

Well done to everyone who surfed those waves!

Finally congratulations to Alex Thomas on his promotion to Boys B.