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This local Hasler marathon has a reputation for being rough and quite hazardous. In spite of this there was a good turnout from the regional clubs and a total of over 200 paddlers.

Elmbridge was well represented and achieved a good collection of results. No wins, but Phil was 2nd in Div 1, Luke 2nd in Div.7, Nicole 2nd in Div.9 (and promoted). In the K2s in 8 and 9 we also took 2nd places with Amy Dawes/Georgia Pullar (Div 9) and Louise/Ruby (Div 9).

Dwane and Amy in Div 2 and 4, were both 3rd, Derek 4th in Div 5. There were very creditable performances from Kayne and Ross who were both paddling their first singles races in new divisions (4 and 5 respectively).

It was rough and sailing boats provided an extra hazard; even so no-one capsized and we were placed third in the club scores behind Richmond and Royal.

Well done everyone ! See you at Maidstone next Sunday ?