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Club boats & Equipment (Leasehire)


Dorney Gardens Car Park, Walton Lane, Weybridge, KT13 8LT

Re:  Canoeing Equipment.


We undertake to provide equipment for beginners free of charge for the first year of their membership.

We have a fleet of beginner boats of varying degrees of stability which are at the disposal of new members. Club coaches decide when is a good time for each child to progress to a less stable (faster/lighter) boat. This progression may be made for a number of reasons and will not be the same for everyone.

Factors to be considered are the size of the child, how well they have learnt their paddling technique, how fast they go or how committed they are.. and of course the availability of the next boat.. By the end of their first year most children have progressed to paddling a “Rapier”. This is a “proper” racing kayak with the standard racing specification.. a boat which will suffice for at least another 2 years in most cases.

At this stage we like to make them responsible for their own boat and ask that they contribute towards the expense of having their own equipment. We make this transition as cheap as possible by having a supply of second-hand kayaks that we hire out for £100 and a “pool” of  paddles from which we supply them with a designated pair.

During the period of hire, which can be any length of time, the hirer is responsible for paying the annual storage fee at the club (£40), or half year £20: keeping the boat in good repair and making sure the boat has a Thames Licence . This boat will then be for use of the hirer only, but must remain at the club and cannot be sold on to a third party. When the hirer no longer requires the use of the boat/paddles, they are  to be returned to the club and any repairs made. Parents have found this a very welcome alternative to having to buy new at costs ranging upwards from £800 for boats

The easiest and cheapest way of licensing the boat is for your child to join the British Canoe Union as a Junior Comprehensive member. Membership enables members to race at all marathon and sprint races and now includes a Thames Licence. The BCU website will give all details

Please do not hesitate to contact club coaches Di, Jenny, Nathan or Glenn if this is unclear, presents problems or if there are points you wish to clarify.