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Wey Hasler 14th August 2011

Due to the cycle race & summer holidays only a small group of Elmbridge paddlers attended the Wey Hasler. This was the case for all the other clubs too, as the race was not as well attended as previous years. In Div 9 K2 Wendy Piercy & Beata Turik were 3rd, this was Beata’s first race, well done. Adarsh Heaton was 7th in Div 8 & in Div 7 we had Stef di Gregorio who was  5th  & Luke Bowyer who came 2nd. Luke was promoted to Div 6, great news.

In Div 6 Eoin O’Conaire came 6th & in  Div 5  Ross McMullen was 7th & Derek Smith was 8th & in the K2 Div 5 Lucy Trievnor & Elise Piercy were 5th. Well done Amy Ward who was 2nd in Div 4 with  Kayne Wilkinson 4th & Tim Bowyer 10th. Glen Thorogood was 5th in Div 2 & Phil Thorogood was 3rd in Div1.

Well to done to everyone, some great portaging considering the grass was slippery.