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Held at the National Watersports Centre Nottingham

Only twice a year do we race in age groups; at the National Championships of Marathon and Sprint. The rest of the time racing classes are grouped in ability ranges in order to ensure close compatibility and challenging racing for everyone. Because young people develop at very different rates, any one age group can embrace a vast range of ability, and prove very disheartening for the late developers.


The weather for this event was very rough. Head winds gusting up to 38 mph made it almost impossible to progress down the course at all on some races. It was a very difficult competition from most points of view but our young team faced up to it well and produced some brave performances in spite of the odds being against them.


Our National Champions were

Katherine Trotter -Girls U18 K1 1000 : K2 500

Emily Illinesi        -Girls U18 K2 1000  & 200

Rebbi Simon         -Girls U16 K1 1000 & 500 : K2 1000 with Amy

Amy Ward            -Girls U16 K2 1000


And a resume of the best of our results :-


Boys U.18  Marton 5th in 1000m K1 : 1st in 200m Final2


Boys U16 ( Harry, Matt, Paul, Ross, Alex, Dan & Mike )

Harry  1st in 1000m Final2.

In K2 with Matt  7th in K2 1000m Final 1  8th inK2 500 Final1

Our U16 K4s came 4th and 5th in the 1000m and 500m Finals

Ross/Kayne made 7th in Final 2 of theK2 500.


Boys U14  (Kayne, Elliott & Freddie)

Kayne  in 1000m K1 won his heat and was 4th in the final

In 500m k1 was 3rd in his heat but 9th in the final

Elliott   in 1000m K1 was 7th in Final 2

Elliot/Freddie .. Just reached 1000m K2 final. Came 9th


Girls U.16  ( Amy, Rebbi, Lucy, Antonia, Harriet)

Amy   K1 1000m – 1st in Final 2 : K1 500 4th in Final 1

K4  1000m  Antonia/Lucy/Harriet/Amy   4th

K4    500m  Antonia/Lucy Harriet /Amy Dawes  5th


Girls U14   (Roberta, Elise, Becky, Nicole)

The K4 was 3rd in both 1000m and 500m

K2Roberta /Elise    4th in 1000m : 5th in 500 Finals

K2Becky/Nicole      8th   in 500m  Final


Elise      4th in Final 1 of 1000 8th in Final 2 of 500

Roberta  9th in final 2 of 1000

Nicole     3rd in final 2 of 500


Mens K1  Ed. Rutherford 1000 K1 7th : 500m K12nd : 200m K1 4th


Womens D Class championship.  K1 1st  Jenny Illinesi


Many thanks to the enthusiastic parents who supported and looked after our team throughout the weekend. We couldn’t do without you !