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Roland Lawler- Head Coach

Roland has been coaching Britain’s top level athletes since the mid 60s. Having begun canoeing at Richmond Canoe Club his interest in coaching kayak racing drove him abroad to study the techniques and methods employed by the most successful nations at international competitions.


In 1983 the Lawler family and a few friends founded Elmbridge Canoe Club, acquired the site in Weybridge, funded and built up a thriving club. Roland never stopped trying to learn more and Elmbridge enlisted the help of several eminent Hungarian coaches to help educate the other volunteer coaches working for the club. The idea of a club concentrating solely on racing was a new one in Britain, an idea that Roland was keen to try.


The emphasis placed on a good technique, commitment to regular training and a will to continuously improve is key to our coaching in the club, and it is a pattern set by Roland and taken on by all our coaches.


As well as running the club, coaching paddlers to the highest level, he has been involved on the coaching staff of many GB National Olympic teams.  The Honours Boards in the clubroom are a testament to his commitment and love of the sport: our club members have won more World Championship and Olympic medals than the rest of the clubs put together.