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Di Lawler- Coaches the beginners

When Elmbridge Canoe Club was founded, apart from organising the building of the club, Di found herself involved in coaching whether she liked it or not .. it was all hands on deck !  Having watched international regattas with Roland for years, she well knew what good paddlers looked like.


How to teach this skill was another matter. Her primary school teaching gave a good background to managing groups of children; add in some BCU coaching courses and a group of expert teachers at hand and she had made a start.


She names key figures in her coach education as Imre Kemiche (Hungarian coach) and her family, Ivan and Roland.


One of the most important factors in the process of learning to coach, she claims, is time spent coaching. A huge amount of learning is done through the experience of actually coaching, provided it is done with a basis of knowledge in the first place and a willingness to adapt your ideas to individual situations.


One thing is sure. You never stop learning new ways of teaching children to paddle well and it’s very rewarding.