Despite the forecast not being so good, we had lovely sunshine, making racing conditions perfect for Sunday’s 1066 Marathon Hasler, which took place at Tonbridge. We had 14 paddlers representing Elmbridge and they all did very well.

In Div 2 Elmbridge paddlers dominated the race, Philip, Luke, George and Glenn took all places from 2nd to 5th respectively.
Tim Bowyer and Jenny Withers finished only 3 seconds apart taking 7th and 9th place in Div 4.
Katie managed to take 4th place in Div 5, shortly followed by Robert.
Steve had a fantastic race and won the Div 6 race, with a big gap between him and his followers, well done!
We had a crowded start in Div 7. Brooke and Beata managed to get through it, but unfortunately the battle took its toll on Zac’s rudder and he had to retire from the race.
Ruby and Amber did very well in Div 9, Amber finished in 4th place.

Well done everybody who took part in the race.
Next one is Reading on 24th May, please sign up as soon as you can.

1066 Hasler Results 

Updated LSE League table 2014-2015