The club turned out in force to ensure that this was a successful day in all respects.. and of course the weather helped too.

Thank you to all our helpers and officials, those behind the scenes, those in the car park and those on the course; and thanks to all the paddlers who raced so hard to ensure that we scored the most points.


A good start to the new “Hasler” year.



There were seven new Elmbridge children racing for the first time at this event. Ben Gibbons won Div 9 K1 (and was promoted), Georgina was 16th (there were 27 in the race !).




In the special beginners race we had Ros (2nd), Georgia (3rd), Sebastian, Aisling, Ender and Dan. Well done all of you !


As a result of the multi-promotions at the Hasler Final, there were quite a few of our paddlers facing a much harder race than they were used to. Amy was 6th out of 14 in Div 3,  Elise was 10th  out of 18 in Div 5, Stefano and Roberta 8th and 15th out of 21 in Div 6, Becky 10th out of 20 in Div 7, Steve, Mark and Sophie 9th, 10th and 14th out of 22 in Div 8.


Well done Toni ! The winner of Division 5 . Good K1 results also from Emma French 4th in Div 7, Luke 2nd in Div 6 and promoted to 5, Phil and Glenn in Div 1 & 2,  2nd & 1st and Paul Rogers  3rd out of 25 in Div 4.


We scored well in the doubles events: Rebbi  and partner took 2nd in Div 4, Derek and Richard L. won Div 5  and Jo and James Kew won Div 8 with Wendy and Kellie in 3rd.

(The crew that actually came in first in this race disqualified themselves voluntarily, as they realised that they had entered too easy a race !! )

Welcome to all the new racers !