Elmbridge qualified 32 athletes for the Hasler Finals this year; we managed to put out a good team across the divisions and overall came 3rd behind Richmond and Chelmsford. The course was very bumpy and shallow with a 300m long portage so well done to everyone that finished.


Div 1 K1– Ed Rutherford and Luke racing who came 7th and 10th respectively. It is good to see Ed racing marathon after a long sprint season.

Div 1 K2– Ross and Phil won over 5 minutes well done boys for making sure you knew the course before the race. Very impressive even with a swim at a portage.

Div 2 K2– Glenn and George also managed a 1st place by over 2 minutes. Good to see this K2 is undefeated currently after their win at Tonbridge.

Div 3 K1– Stefano did very well making the top group and came in 4th earning himself a promotion to Div 2! Tim Bowyer also raced and came 31st.

Div 3 K2– An amazing sprint finish by Oscar and Scott managed to win the sprint for 2nd place! All that sprinting in Nottingham obviously helped!

Div 4 K1– Jenny Withers came all the way back from Exeter to race and did very well coming 6th and only missing promotion by 20 seconds. Well done Jenny after a solid years racing.

Div 4 K2– Callum and Rebekah managed a 9th place after a very solid start. Considering this is only Callum’s 2nd year of canoeing he’s done very well and raced through the division.

Div 5 K1– Rob and Steven led this race out by themselves; unfortunately Steven struggled on the portages and later retired but Rob managed to hold his lead and won Div 5 by over a minute and earn himself a promotion to Div 4.

Div 5 K2– Joe and Katie came 2nd after winning the start but unfortunately struggling on the long portage and being overtaken and never able to catch back up. Both Joe and Katie have also earnt themselves a promotion with this race.

Div 6 K1– Steve Williams was the only entry in this race but unfortunately isn’t a fan of the bumpy water and came in 39th out of 46th with a bit of a help of a swim at a portage. 3 Hasler Finals 3 Swims!

Div 6 K2– Sam and Zak managed a very good race and came 9th with both these boys being promoted into Div 6 this year so a very solid effort from these two.

Div 7 K1– Both Amber and Brooke entered this race and with 66 starters we knew it was going to be hard. The girls came 19th and 27th respectively but with the first 14 being promoted and Amber only being 30 seconds off promotion things look good for next year with these two.

Div 7 K2– Wendy and Kellie as well as Beata and Jenny Williams raced in this division. With so many K2s in such a narrow space unfortunately there was going to be some collisions. The ladies came in 10th and 25th respectively.

Div 8 K1– Julian Sherratt managed an amazing 2nd place in a field of almost 40 which also earnt himself a promotion. Mary McLeod also managed a solid race and came 16th only 30 seconds off promotion herself.

Div 8 K2– Luca and Erica did very well to come 7th which is very impressive as Luca is still in division 9, they managed to beat a lot of crews who had two Div 8 paddlers so well done you two!

Overall we had an amazing days racing with everyone putting in all their effort. Thanks to all the coaches as well as the parents for constantly driving their children around.

Lets start the 2015/ 2016 series with a win at Elmbridge sign up sheet is up.