Thanks to the 18 paddlers who supported the club at this event, all of whom completed the course and helped us to maintain our position in the Hasler League table.

Ross won Div.1 with Phil in second. We had a clean sweep in Div 2 Luke 1st, Glenn 2nd and Stef 3rd while Oscar finished 5th, an excellent performance in Div 3 (a guest appearance!). Tim came 3rd in Div 4 , Katie 2nd in Div 5.
Callum won the Div 6 race and Steven came 5th. Brooke 9th in Div  7, Amber 3rd in 8, Jenny Williams 3rd in 9 with Mary 5th.

Our only K2 was Lucca/Erica who put up a very impressive performance in 9K2. They led all the way to the turn, but with steering (driver!) problems at the buoy they eventually finished 2nd.

It was good to see some very aggressive racing from most of our younger paddlers. They certainly were fired up determined for promotion.

Our promotions for the day were :
Callum & Steven to Div.5, Amber to Div 7 Jenny Williams to Div 8.

ROYAL MARATHON NEXT WEEK: Please can we have an equally strong team for this one.
For those of you who have not yet completed 3 races this season, please note that there are only 3 races left in the series in our region:- Royal, Richmond and Tonbridge.

DON’T MISS OUT… WE NEED THE POINTS THAT YOU COULD SCORE. We need you to qualify to be in our team at the final.