The event was held on 2nd August and hosted by Richmond canoe club on a beautiful warm sunny day. Due to the cycling event and road closures, only a handful of our paddlers represented the club at the race. Small numbers aside, they were all enthusiastic and put in a strong effort.

In Div1 Philip Thorogood took 3rd position, bringing valuable points to the club while Jenny Withers finished 4th in Div4.
We had the most entrants in Div7 where 3rd place was taken by Wendy and Kelly who coped with their new boat very well, followed by a newly formed crew Jenny and Beata in 4th position.
Julian did well in Div 8 battling the Richmond ladies all the way.

We need all hands on the deck for the last race of the hasler season to get as many points as possible, and qualify for the final in Oxford.