We fielded our biggest entry this season at Royal Marathon on Sunday. Many thanks to those of you who supported our Hasler Marathon effort. Our team of 23 paddlers scored a grand total of 307 points… not yet sure on our position in the league table (watch for the official results).

In divisions 1 and 2 K1 (a combined race due to lack of entries in Div 1) we took the first 4 places with Ross, Phil, Luke and George, Stef was 4th in Div 3, Tim and Jenny W. 5th and 6th in div 4. A magnificent win from Callum in Div 5 (a combination of new boat syndrome and very hard work!) Steven took 7th place, having suffered a boat full of water in rough conditions. A very good performance from Zac who came 3rd in Div 7, while Mary was 4th in Div 9, just missing the promotion time.

All our doubles scored well. Elise, paddling with Emily Illinesi was second in 3 / 4 Wendy and Kellie in Div 7 K2 were in a head to head race on the line, just missing the win by inches.  Erica and Lucca did another sterling performance in 9 K2 and were beaten only by paddlers ranked above 9. They took 4th place in a race which included div. 7 and 8 paddlers. Callum is now Promoted to Division 4, and Zac to division 6.

Our next marathon outing will be to Wokingham on July 12th. This is out of our region but a very pleasant site, a beautiful stretch of river and another chance to improve your racing and get promoted… GO FOR IT!