French National Marathon Championships: Results to be proud of!
A group of young paddlers were chosen after our own Nationals at Reading in July, to paddle at the French Nationals held 15-16th September. Those chosen from our club were Zara (Under 14), Luca (under 14) and Zac Tarver (under 16). In France the Junior classes were divided into just U18 and U16, the decision was to enter our U14s in the French U16 race and our U16s in the French U18
race… to ensure good competion and a worthwhile race.
The first days racing was all K2s .. our Club paddlers were paired with GB paddlers from other clubs. Zara with Klara from Falcon, Zac with Xavier from Southampton and Luca with Ben from Foy. Due to there being only 4 entries in the Girls U16 race they started together with the U18s. Zara and Klara won their own race 6 minutes ahead of the rest of their field and almost did a fast enough time to take 3rd place overall in the U18s. Luca and Ben came 3rd in their K2 race. Zac and Xavier (U18s) are reputed to have severely damaged their boat on an early portage … not so badly however, that they couldn’t finish in 5th place only 22 seconds behind the winners.
On the Sunday all the racing was in K1s. The U16 boys had a field of 31 . Luca did well to finish in 4th place, just over a minute behind the winner. Zara came 7th in her U16 race, but Klara apparently led the race throughout until she capsized and was left struggling to make 3rd after a valiant catch-up.
The older boys K1 group, 36 in all, was won in 1.24.36: Zac came 7th in 1.27.41 .. a really good result considering he has only just turned 15 and was reputedly racing against members of the French National Team.
Well done all of you !

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