The 1st of the Sprint Regattas took place at the weekend, the BCU Junior National Championship. A team of Junior and Senior Elmbridge paddlers travelled up to Nottingham. The day started off with bright sunshine and not a ripple on the water. Of course this is Nottingham and the weather doesn’t stay calm for long. The wind picked up, but more so on the Sunday, testing all the attendees whether on the water or watching from the side, but after such a wet winter nothing was going to stop our members from making a mark on the podium. Well done to all our paddlers for competing especially Stefano, Kayne (Under 16 boys)  and Ross ( Under 18 boys) who were the youngest in their age categories  and thanks to our team leader, Fran, for all her hard work.

The following Elmbridge members were presented with the following awards at the Regatta, congratulations to :-

Junior Racing Canoist Of The Year- Marton Simon

Phillips Plate & Dennis Smith Trophy 2012 – Amy Ward


Junior National Championship Results


Boys U18

Bruce Jones :-s 1000m K4 – 1st National Champion, 500m K1 – 2nd, 200m K2- 2nd

Harry Archer :-1000m K1 – 3rd, 500m K1 Final 2- 5th , 500m K2 -9th, 200m K1 Final 3- 2nd

Ross McMullen :- 1000m K1 Final 2-9th, 500m K1 Final 2 -6th , 200m Final 3- 5th


Girls U18

Rebi Simon:- 1000m K1- 1st National Champion,200m K1 – 1st  National Champion, 500m K4 – 1st National Champions,500m K1 – 1st  National Champion

Amy Ward:- 1000m K1 – 2nd, 200m K1 – 3rd 500m K1 – 2nd , 500m K2 – 1st National Champion


Boys U16

Kayne Wilkinson:- 1000m K1 – 4th , 200m K1 – 6th, 500m K1 -5th

Stefano di Gregorio:- 1000m K1 – Final 3 – 3rd, 200m K1 – Final 3 – 8th, 500m K1 – Final 2 – 4th

Eliot Solway:- 1000m K1 – Final 2 -8th, 200m K1 -Final 3 – 3rd, 500m K1 – Final 3 – 8th


Girls U16

Elise Piercy:-  1000m K1 – 1st National Champion, 200m K1 – 3rd, 500m K1 – 2nd, 1000m K2 – 3rd , 500m K2 – 3rd , 200m K2 – 3rd


Girls U14

Rebecca Williams:- 1000m K1 – 6th, 1000m K4 – 1st National Champion, 500m K1 – 2nd, 1000m K2 – 2nd, 500m K4 – 2nd, 500m K2 – 2nd

Rebekah Solway:- 1000m K1 – 5th, 1000m K4 – 1st  National Champion, 1000m K2 – 2nd, 500m K4 – 2nd, 500m K2 – 2nd


Senior Results

Mens A 1000m K2 – 1st Ed Rutherford  with A Daniels (LON)

Open Mens  5KM K1 – 1st Ed Rutherford

Mens A 500m K1 – 1st Ed Rutherford

Womens A/B 1000m K1 -1st Katherine Trotter

Womens A/B 200m K1 – 3rd Lani Belcher

Womens A 500m K1 – 3rd Lousia Sawers

Womens A 200m K2 – Joint 1st Lani Belcher with A Hannah (NOT) & Louisa Sawers with H Mason (NOT)

Womens C 1000m K1 –  1st Emily Illinesi

Womens C 500m K1 – 2nd Emily Illinesi



Lastly congratulations to the following Elmbridge Junior paddlers on their promotions :-

Kayne Wilkinson- Boys A

Eliot Solway- Boys B

Elise Piercy- Girls A

Rebekah Solway- Girls C


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