The final!  The last contest of the 2013 season.

The sun shone all day, and over 700 paddlers from 32 clubs gathered from across the country to compete for this historic and prestigious trophy.

Thanks to Reading who organised the programme which worked so well, and ran an excellent event overall.


Our club has won the trophy 14 times during its 30 year history, but this time it was not to be. In spite of some very good results, our efforts were only good enough to make 5th place.  25 points behind Norwich,  Winners for the second year running and our close rivals for the last five years.


In this competition, where each club team scores its best six K1 results and the best three K2 results. (Scoring from across all divisions 1-9) it is impossible to estimate throughout the days racing who will win until the last race has finished.


Reading did a grand job on the organisation and we did not have to wait long for the final result.


The highlights for us were:-


A great K2 win for Ross/Harry in Div 2 K2


Ross & Harry Hasler Finals 2013


“The Committee” Cup for the highest placed junior women K1 in the highest division and the “David Shankland trophy” for the Senior or junior women K1 with the fastest time over the 12 mile course went to Elise Piercy


Elise Hasler Finals 2013


2nd. in Div.1 K1 , Ed Rutherford





 3rd place & promotion for Niki Hadland in 5 K1


Nick Hasler Finals 2013


4th place and promotion for Bex in Div 7


Bex & James Hasler Finasl 2103


Two of our very junior K2s contributed to our final score,

Amy/Alfie in Div 6 and Georgia/Georgina in Div 8. Whilst our great contingent in Div 2 and Div3 K1  Bruce, Kayne and Luke made up a good proportion of the K1 score added to Ed, Niki and Bex.


IMG_2749 IMG_2753 IMG_2765 IMG_2776 IMG_2779 IMG_2780 IMG_2803 IMG_2807











Many thanks to all of you who tried so hard and we should express our sympathy for those who bravely continued their race after an early swim. It takes a lot of courage to survive a 50 boat K2 start and luck.