May regatta turned out to be a very quiet affair for the Elmbridge team. The weather was a slight improvement on April, no cagoules, gloves, hats etc needed & the rain held off. In Girls A/B we had Amy Ward, Rebi Simon & Elise Piercy. Again the battle for 1st places was between Amy & Rebi, well done girls & Elise for giving it her best in her first Girls A/B races. Rebekah Solway, Rebecca Williams, Nicole Dawes & Jenny Withers made up our Girls D team, in which they were 1st in the 1000m K4 & 2nd in the K4 5oom. Rebekah & Nicole were 1st in their K2 1000m & 2nd in the 500m K2. All the girls made final 1 or final 2 races. Emily Illinesis raced in Womens C & came 3rd in her K2 race with Imogen  Collins. In Boys A Harry Archer made both Final 1’s for his K1 1000m & 500m, & in his K2 with Bruce Jones they were 4th in their 1000m & 3rd in their 500m.  Marton Simon & Rob Beer raced in Mens A/B where Marton in Mens A came 1st in his 1000m & 2nd in 500m. Rob was 1st in mens A/B 200m finals & 1st in his K2 200m. Well done to our very small crew & let’s hope the weather improves for the future 2012 Regattas.

May regatta results link