The McGregor Paddle Trophy is literally a very old and original wooden paddle used by John McGregor, an adventure canoeist of the late 19th century and founder member of Royal Canoe Club, who held the first ever canoe regatta in 1867.

Our inter-club regatta is a far cry from his activities, but can also be very exciting and come up with some unexpected results, largely due to the complications of the scoring system. When we left the regatta we had no idea who had won, and had to leave it in the hands of the organisers for several days before the results were finally revealed.

1st Reading: 2nd Nottingham: 3rd Elmbridge

This result does not tell the full the story behind the competition however. Each club scores their best 12 singles results: best 6 doubles results and best 3 K4 results. This done, Elmbridge are winning on the racing results.

Penalty points accrued during the season for infringing racing rules at competitions are then deducted .. Elmbridge didn’t have any … so they are still winning.

Finally, add the number of competitors entered in the competition. Elmbridge only had 18 .. but Reading had 38 and Nottingham had 37.  So that puts Elmbridge down in 3rd place.

This was an excellent effort from all those who raced , the competition only being lost by those of you that didn’t.


Special congratulations to the 13 girls & women who made up the bulk of our team and attained most of the high scoring positions. The Girls D team of Becky Solway, Rebecca Williams, Roberta Lufkin and Jenny Withers gained two k4 wins, as well as scoring high on their K1s and K2s. Amy Ward and Rebi Simon dominated the Girls A/B class, whilst our more mature girls, Jenny Illinesi, Kellie Archer, Wendy Piercy & Tracey Rees-Clark produced a good 4th in their K4. Emily Illinesi with Elise Piercy, racing up to Womens C, won their K2 1000m & 2nd in their 200m. Katherine Trotter arrived at the Regatta to find her boat missing, after racing international in Portugal, so had to race in an unfamiliar boat loaned to her & partnered Katie Williams in the Womens A. Well done Marton Simon for his two wins in Mens A K1… and to the other four boys (Ross McMullen, Elliot Solway, Harry Archer and Dwayne Morton) who all contributed to the success of the team. Many thanks go to the parents for taxiing the paddlers to events like this & to our wonderful team leader, Fran Solway, who ironed out all the problems before & during the event & to our many coaches for all their support.