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Congratulations to the Elmbridge Olympic Hopes team that have been racing in Hungary over the weekend.

“The Olympic Hopes regatta is the outcome of a Polish-Czech-Slovak-Hungarian agreement. We have been organizing this event on rotation for more than a decade now; Hungary always hosts in the Olympic year, so in the year that has a special significance”, said Bálint Vékássy, Competition Manager. “Last year, 20 nations competed in Poland, this time there are 27, which is a historical record. How is this possible? Szeged is very popular venue, and while there will not be a crowd of thousands of people as in a senior World Championships, the regatta will still have a very special atmosphere. At the same time our beloved sport is growing at an unexpected rate so the call for events like this is huge”


All our Elmbridge paddlers performed and achieved amazing results in a very competitive regatta. Their individual results are below.


Rebi Simons was 2nd in the final A of Women’s K1 under 16yrs 1000m, she also made final A in 500m- 6th & 200m- 4th.

Amy Ward was 4th in final A of Women’s K1 under 17yrs 1000m, she also made final A in 500m- 6th & semi final2 of the 200m -6th.

Harry Archer made semi final3- 6th in the Men’s K1 under 17yrs 1000m & partnered with Bruce Jones in Men’s K2  under 17yrs semi- final 500m-6th & in semi final 200m-7th.

Bruce Jones not only partnered Harry in K2 but was part of the Men’s K4 under 17yrs which came 8th in Semi final1.