Pangbourne Marathon Sunday Sept. 9th

Pangbourne is not in our region, but it is a well organised race on a lovely part of the Thames,
therefore a good day out for some practice. It was lovely day but a bit too windy for comfort. It was
a hard slog coming back against wind and water from the downstream turn at Mapledurham and the
girls especially suffered.
Although it was well attended Phil was unopposed in Div 1 and joined the Div 2 race. Glenn and Phil
formed a front group during the last lap with Alex Bicknell from Wey: Phil coming in 1st , Alex 2nd and
Glenn 3rd .. all within 20secs.
Zac Tarver paddled K2 in Div 2 with Xav.Hinves (Southampton). This was their preparation for the
French Nationals next weekend. They went off very fast and appeared to dominate much of the
race. By the final stretches, they only had the Reading crew (Danny Seaford/Stefan Senk) left to beat.

The final sprint began early, almost 100m out, and was a real race to the death. It was
obviously a great challenge holding off the other boat … but they managed it!
Zara and Lizzie in 5 and 6 respectively, raced hard to hold their own in their divisions, both having
been promoted recently. They did well to come in about half way down the field. Archie, also in
Div.6 established himself well, near the top of the division. Placed 6 th , with 4 of the boats in front of
him promoted, he must be heading for Div 5 soon!
Dawn and Elizabeth raced Div 7 K1. Sadly, Elizabeth swam at the start and took 3 or 4 minutes at
least to get going again. She chased the race down and finished 16th out of 22.. only 2minutes down
on the winner by then. Dawn definitely meant business: she lined up in the middle of the river and
shot off the start with success in mind: she stuck in the front group throughout and ultimately the
front three boats finished within 6 seconds of each other. Dawn 3rd ! and P to 6.
James K. in Div.8 (demoted at Tonbridge) made a grand recovery and romped home in 2nd place 2
minutes in front of the rest of the field (p to 6).
Well done all who took part !


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