Congratulations to the Elmbridge paddlers that competed in Portugal over the week.

Results were:


Ed Rutherford K1 1000m Final B – 3rd- Ranking 12th

K1 500m Final A- 8th- Ranking 8th


Lani Belcher K1 500m Final A- 4ht- Ranking 4th


Katherine Trotter K1 1000m 1st Semi- final 8th

K2 500m 1st Semi- final 6th


Rob Beer K2 200m 1st Semi- final 9th




Amy Ward K1 1000m  Final B- 1st – Ranking 10th


Marton Simon K1 1000m Final A- 5th- Ranking 5th

K1 500m Final A- 4th- Ranking 4th


Rebi Simon K1 500m Final A-8th- Ranking 8th