This event presented competitors at all levels with serious challenges. The constant rain in recent weeks meant that there was a strong flow added to the outgoing tide.

The start, against this stream, was less than fair to those who couldn’t find room to line up near the bank. The downstream portage with space for only one boat to get in or out safely, steep slopes and a quagmire to run through, was highly dangerous. Stef and Kayne fell victim to accidents on the portage. Dwane took one look at it and decided to pass by….and was disqualified.

From our entry of 24 at least seven failed to complete the course due to capsize or other accidents. Quite a few more were omitted from the results . However, the organisers have now managed to salvage all the information they needed to produce the final results. In spite of everything many of you produced good results and won us second position in the points for the day, as runners up to Richmond.

Phil took 3rd place in Div 1 : Harry 3rd in Div 2:  Paul Rogers stormed ahead and won Div 4 ( with Tim 6th and Elliot 7th).
Derek 7th in Div 5.  In Div 6, Paul Dimmock came 2nd and Jenny, after a very unlucky start fought her way back up the field and finished 4th .. really good performance ! Nicole followed in 11th place.

Division 7 saw Becky 3rd, Adarsh 4th and Conner 5th. Alfie also finished but his position and time on the results are “suspect”.  In Div.9 we lost Beata on the start, but Ros (5th) Ender (7th) and Georgia all finished .

There were 7  promotions : Paul Rogers, Paul Dimmock, Jenny Withers, Rebekah Solway, Ardarsh Heaton, Conner Ward and Ros Evans .. congratulations to you all ! Don’t forget to sign up for Tonbridge Hasler 19th August, as we still need those points, see our position on the league table tab.