Seventeen of our members took part in this event and some very good results recorded.

Although the race was not in our region, and we couldn’t score points for the club, it was still a really good event, and very well attended, as are all the Southern Region races.

  • Divisions 7, 8 and 9 raced first, and saw the K1 debut of our Div 9 paddlers (10 year olds). They did us proud… a good start from all three (Erica, Luca and Lizzie), they all followed instructions and put up a very creditable performance. There were 22 paddlers in the race (10 of them adults). Erica came 14th, Luca 15th and Lizzie 20th. All paddling in fine style. Well done!!
  • Julian was 8th out of 19 in Div.8
  • Sam unfortunately made a very poor start in Div 7, and it looked very much as if his hopes for promotion were shattered, as everyone left him behind.  He, however did not give up : he battled his way up the field of 35 competitors,  finished second and got promoted!!  In the same race Beata  sacrificed her race to helping a capsized child and didn’t get the result she was obviously capable of.
  • Wendy and Kellie in Div 7 K2 were up against hot competition. The winner got away, but that left a group of 3 boats battling for the other two medals… all 3 finished within 2 seconds of each other, the Elmbridge boat taking 4th place overall.

The second group of races included all the other divisions

  • In Division 2, Luke came within 1/10 sec. of winning, but had to settle for 2nd
  • In Div 3. Stef. was 3rd.
  • In Div 4. Tim excelled himself by coming 2nd and being promoted to Div 3
  • Zac embarked on his first 8 mile race in Div 6 and only missed promotion to 5 by 4 seconds. The last 50 yards of his race was a flat out effort with three other paddlers all chasing two medals. A really good race Zac! (especially as you managed to fit in time to swim as well).

We only have two races left to help us maintain our position in the hasler league table.
We are lying 3rd at the moment… We need to STAY THERE!



Try to support our efforts to reach the final!