This cup is the oldest canoeing trophy in the country and almost certainly the most valuable. In the early days of Royal Canoe Club (1874 in fact) , the first  canoe race was run. It started at Kingston Bridge and came downstream to “the one mile tree” which was reputed to be an oak on the bank opposite the club.  Members of the club contributed to buy a solid silver trophy, which cost 42 guineas  (£44.10 in todays money). Only men could compete, and it was an open race. Over a period of years the race has been modernised , and has become a 10k race run round a circuit. Women and young people are now allowed to compete and trophies have been provided for these classes, but the orginal cup always goes to the winning man.


This years winner was Tim Brabants who took his third Paddling Challenge victory in 43:14 with Ed Rutherford in 2nd, 5 seconds behind and Ben Farrell a further 12 seconds off in 43:31. All three of them from Elmbridge. In the past the cup has also been won by one of our founder members, Peter Lawler and more recently by Ivan Lawler.