This event was unusually crowded , over 200 competitors, on a very small river. Tonbridge organisers were stretched to the limit and had to resort to splitting up all singles starts but Divs I,2 and 3  into two: juniors first, followed by seniors, afterwards amalgamating them again for the results.

A further strategy was to start the top 3 divisions downstream of the town lock and keep them clear of all the other paddlers for the first part of their race.  The start times were successfully worked out to avoid congestion on the portage, which seemed much less hectic than usual .. probably because so many paddlers opted to use the slipway.


The paddlers all seemed to successfully complete their races: only the spectators were confused by the variety of courses.


Richmond turned out in force and took top position in the point scoring. We ran a fairly close second . Our best results in the higher divisions .. Phil 4th in Div 1 , Bruce winning Div 2 followed by Glenn in 3rd and Ross in 6th. In Div 3, Luke Stef and Elise came 5th 8th and 9th. In Div 4  Jenny did really well with a 4th followed by Tim in 6th .  Nick Hadland was 6th in Div 5 , Bex 11th in  7 and  Leo 17th : Georgina 12th in 8

Congratulations are due to some of our more mature adult paddlers : Steve Williams was 6th out of 13 in Div 6 and thoroughly enjoyed his 8 mile race, especially the start, without any juniors there to swamp him! Wendy and Liz in Div 7 K2 scored a massive 38 points when they took 2nd place.


This was the last Hasler race of the 2012-13 year. We still have Pangbourne, Henley and Elmbridge before the end of the actual year, but the points and qualifying races count for the 2013-14 season.  WHY NOT GET YOUR 3 QUALIFYING RACES IN AS SOON AS POSSIBLE FOR NEXT YEAR.


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