Great racing at Tonbridge last weekend, weather conditions threatened to be very hot but weren’t so bad on the day with a rain shower soon after the start.

Results = Div 1 Steve Baker (1st), Phil Thorogood (2nd)
Div 2, unsure why Bruce, 1st, was down as Hereford when I entered him and he wore an Elmbridge t-shirt (can’t blame me for trying) Well done Bruce
Glenn, Kayne and Richard all scoring points.
Div 3, Amy and Ross 1st and 2nd.
Div 4, Tim and Elise came 8th and 9th, with Luke further down the pack after a capsize, well done for finishing !
Div 5, Paul D and Derek came 2nd and 3rd with Paul gaining promotion to 4, well done !
Div 6, Nicole and Ardash paddled hard following recent promotion to 6 coming a respectful  10th and 11th.
Div 6 K2 saw the father and daughter pairing of Steve and Katie Williams coming 2nd – well done, with Steve promoted to Div 6 !!
Div 7, Amy Dawes 9th, Sorry if I got in your way Amy !
Div 7, K2 an amalgamated race with 8 and 9 division paddlers, Kellie and Wendy should’ve won this but were beaten to the line by a much younger crew, only just !!
Div 8 a magnificent promotion to div 7 coming 1st and beating the rest of the group by 1 minute, well done Sean. Roz did well and came in 10th.
Div 9, Beata 5th, Georgina 8th and Aisling 14th. Great results ladies with a huge entry in the lower divs and split starts, you all did fabulously.
Fabulous results and well done to all – Top team on the day !!
Qualification to the Hasler final is confirmed along with Wey, Richmond and Tonbridge.