Saturday 21st of March was windy and cold, not the sort of day we had hoped for!

Our little team of 9, the youngest and least experienced of our paddlers, loaded up and set

off with their coach and supportive parents . For some it was their very first experience of

racing away from the club.

Wey is the first of the annual series of Club based regattas which provide early experience of

sprint racing. These events vary, but all have the format of grading their competitors over a

set distance, in this case 2000m. Paddlers are then grouped according to speed, and race in

these groups over several distances: in this case 1000m, 500m and 200m.

Congratulations to our new paddlers and their parents, everyone coped really well with this

new experience, everyone was on time, no-one missed a start, no-one fell in and everyone

seemed to have plenty of kit for keeping warm…. they all raced well too! Well done !

A total of 120 paddlers of all abilities from Div.3 downwards were timed over 2k, the fastest

time recorded being 9m.15 secs.


Our paddlers were placed as follows:

Zac: 41st (11.37)

Sam: 70th (12.51)

Brooke: 73rd (13.08)

Mary: 85th (14.06)

Erica: 93rd (14.24)

Ruby: 97th (14.42)

George: 102nd (14.55)

Josh: 109th (15.04)

Lizzie:114th (15.58)

The slowest time recorded was 17.27


When it came to the races we really seemed to go for it. Four of our team won their group

in all three distances and everyone was trying really hard. Congratulations to you all, and

many thanks to the legion of parents providing tea sympathy and transport.

Thanks to all the organising team at Wey Kayak club for a good event.

The next one in this series is at Elmbridge on Saturday May 2nd.