Well done everyone who supported this event. The club fielded a team of 23 paddlers at all levels of ability, Divisions 1-9.   Sunny weather prevailed until racing was over and strong teams from all the local clubs were out to collect as many points as possible.


In division 9 there were 50 boats on the start line, and our first time competitors Georgina, Roz, Georgia, Aisling and Beata are to be congratulated for surviving this and going on to complete the race. Well done Sean for taking 3rd place in this race and being promoted.


At the other end of the scale, Phil in Div 1 was also placed 3rd. Div 2 included our Div.3 paddlers (Amy and Kayne) who had a tough time . Glenn and Richard were our highest placed in this group at 7th and 8th.


Ross in Div 4 hung on to the front group throughout and took 4th place. Elliot in Div.5 was also 4th and gained promotion to Div. 4. Paul Dimmock in Div. 6 took 2nd place, followed by Stephano in 3rd.  Jenny was our first paddler home in Div 7; she & Becky took 8th & 9th places. Steve was heading for glory in Div 8 but swam 200m out from the finish, leaving Louise as our first paddler home in 9th position.


The final scores for the day were:  WEY 232, ROYAL 224, RICHMOND 222 and ELMBRIDGE 196. We cannot afford to have these three clubs ahead of us again if we are to retain the Hasler Trophy.


Please do your bit to boost our score!


Next LSE Hasler in our region is 1066 20th May 2012.